Choudenji Machine Voltes V

" The Voltes V series is the greatest one among the others, well that's what I and some of my friends think . "

About Ken-Ichi and Hainel :

About Kentaro Gou :

Name : Voltes V

Height : 58 m
Weight : 600 tons
Max. Speed : Mach 20
Energy Source : Choudenji Energy
Combining Time : 8.0 sec (6.8 sec with power up)

Weapons :

1 : Voltes Beam. An energy beam.

    Volt Laser. A standard laser attack

    Choudenji Wave. Like Voltes Beam, but larger damage.

2 : Choudenji Goma. A top with four sharp blade on its sides. Voltes "stomach" part can open and fired this top frim within. Voltes can shoot up to two tops at one time.

3: Choudenji String. Voltes can pull out its "belt", forming a pair of whip. Usually used to spin Chodenji Goma.

    Grand Fire. Fire attack from the center of the belt

4 : Gatling Missiles. Voltes fire these missiles from its fingertips.

5 : Voltes Bazzoka. When Voltes bend its right handpalm down, a bazzoka barrel come from inside its hand. Voltes use the other arm to pull the trigger.

6 : Chain Knuckle. Chain with a sharp end. Fired when Voltes retract its handpalm. Two other weapons from the wrist is Choudenji Rope, an energy whip, and Arm Gun

7 : Tenkuken. Definetly Voltes's most powerful weapon. Always used to finish the enemy off. The "M" can form a sword and with it, Voltes can slice the enemy into two, forming a "V" slice.

    Choudenji Ball. Later in the series, Voltes can fire this ball of electricity from Tenkuken to kill the enemy.

8 : Right Eye. Kenichi control Voltes V robot from here.

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• Prof. Kentaro Gou (in English version: Dr. Armstrong, in Italian version: Dr. Kentarus). He is the head of creators of Voltes V (the creators of Voltes V are Kentaro Gou, his wife -- Mitsuyo, Prof. Hamaguchi, and General Oka), father of Kenichi, Daijirou, Hiyoshi. As a Boazanian, he is also known by the name of Lagour (Japanese: Ragooru)

• Prof. Mitsuyo Gou (in English version: Mrs. Armstrong): the “earthly” wife of Kentaro Gou, also one of the creators of Voltes V, mother of Kenichi, Daijirou, Hiyoshi.

• Prof. Hamaguchi (in English version: Dr. Smith): colleague and best friend of Prof. Gou, helped him in creating Voltes V, the man in charge of Big Falcon at the beginning of the story.

• General Oka (in English version: Commander Robinson): chief of Earth International Defense, friend of Kentaro Gou, also one of the creators of Voltes V. He is the father of Megumi Oka.

• Prof. Sakunji (in English version: Dr. Hook): colleague of Prof. Hamaguchi. He was in charge of Big Falcon after Hamaguchi’s death.

• Prince Heinell
• Katherine Lee
• Jangal Louis Other mentionable Characters are:

• Emperor Zuzanbazir (in Japanese: Zuzanbasiru): the emperor of Boazan, evil, actually the uncle of Lagour. He got his throne after leaking the news that Lagour’s horns were fake. He sent Heinell to Earth with task to conquer the Earth, but according to Zaki, he actually wanted to kill Heinell by sending him to Earth because Heinell was actually the descendant of the real Boazan king.

• Zuhl (in Japanese: Zuuru): One of the Boazanian Officers who assisted Heinell. But actually he was sent by Zanbazir to spy on Heinell. He had only one horn on his forehead. He was in charge of making strategy and designing robots. One of his magnificent idea was X-raying Voltes V to figure out its energy source. He was executed after doing treason against Heinell.

• General Zaki: Boazanian General who was sent to Earth to engineer an accident to make Heinell get killed. He had a very sharp tongue and made Heinell real angry. He was killed when Voltes threw his UFO to Gargo, the robot which can suck energy from its enemy.

• General Bergan: Boazanian general who was sent to assist Heinell. He wore strong blue armor with V-shaped metal horn on his helmet. Interesting thing about him is that he’s the only Boazanian with no “real” horns.

• General Gururu: Boazanian general who was sent to Earth to kidnap Lagour and to “accidently” kill Heinell. He revealed to Voltes a way into Heinell’s headquarters.

• Rozalia: the Boazanian wife of Lagour. When Lagour was jailed, she was pregnant. She gave birth to Heinell and died not long after, leaving little Heinell motherless and fatherless.

Voltes V, or also written as Voltus V, is a classic anime, spans in compact 40 episodes, produced by Toei Animation Co,.Ltd, broadcasted in Japan by Asahi TV Station, from 04. June 1977 to 25. March 1978.

MZcg14.jpg (52526 bytes)v.jpg (10847 bytes)Mazinger Story.

"By Federico Luciani"

During a traffic jam, in april 1972, a young mangaka said "If a car had arms, and legs… There will be no problems such this !". He was called Go Nagai. He had already worked for his friend Ken ariga, a manager at Toei doga drawing "Devilman" (or better, I think it was Mao Dante) and his brothers worked for Dynamic Production. The were looking for something new, after a long, unlucky time. Go called this robot "Iron Z". It was created by professor Akagane for a special laboratory (inspired by Ultraman) to fight against Dr. Hell's creatures (You know this part of the story). His pilot (helped by Sayaka Yumi on Iron A) was called Susumu Kaze, wich was riding a motorcycle called the Pilder, and climbed the robot by riding on a kind of cape on the back of the robot. After a short time Nagai thought to change his robot into a super robot, and he added two ideas, Japanium and Photo Atomic Energy (In this moment I can't remember if it was the English name too) (well, Iron A was created in this period, too). Fuji TV would have broadcast this anime on sunday evenings, at 7.00 pm, helped in production by Asatsu Agency. But they wanted to call it "Energer Z". At last Go Nagai decided for…Well, You know ! They changed the Motorcycle with the Hover Pilder, too, to avoid any confusion with Kamen Rider. This changed Mazinger's head, too. They started publishing it on Shonen Jump, but before it they changed Susumu in Koji, and Akagane with Yumi, father of Sayaka. The robot was no more created by Yumi, but by Koji's grandfather, at first a kind of mad scientist with a deformed face, then a nice and peaceful old granny… They introduced also, for kids, Boss and Shiro. Iron A became a peaceful robot, Aphrodite A.

They had still to decide how to colour this characters. (Manga was in Black & White). Here in Italy we say "then any colour was seen", i.e. happened almost everything about it. At first, Mazinger had flat feets, a longer armour, eyes sublined by red stripes and, sometimes, a blue Pilder, or a Pilder with a yellow tail. Aphrodite's head was at first green, then brown and only at last red, and a bigger crane. Ashura's cape was pink and purple, and his face was all made of living, pink flesh. Boss Robt was at first green and blue, too, with brown and yellow arms. Koji wore a scarf, and Sayaka had only after a few weeks his yellow pants and jacket. On December 8th they started broadcasting, but still the toon was designed by a lot of different laboratories, because Toei doga's workers were on strike. So Laser Beams from the eyes were at first red, sometimes it had a kind of gas as Breast Fire, or white punches (sometimes, white or blue in different scenes of the same episode.), or square foots, or four holes in his mouth… This lasted for 13 episodes, but people already loved it…It had a share of 30% on episode 68, with duke Gorgon (still I don't remember if it was his real name), one of the highest audiences of all times in Japan.

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